Suicide Prevention

Suicide Intervention and Prevention

In 2007, Shiawassee County Health & Human Services Council adopted a plan in conjunction with the Michigan Suicide Coalition to prevent Suicides.

"We present this plan with pride, hope and belief that with initiation of the actions set forth in this plan, Shiawassee County families, schools, neighborhoods, workplaces and communities will be spared the tragedy and grief of suicide." MASP/SCIPS

Man Defeated and Depressed


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  • The average suicide rate for Shiawassee County is 12.6 per year although not all are accurately reported
  • Nationally, the highest suicide rate is for persons aged 65 years and older: one every 90 minutes
  • Youth suicide is the fastest growing killer in America today. Suicide is the #2 cause of teen death.
  • Suicide kills 3-6 times more people than homicide
  • Approximately 30,000 people in the U.S. die by suicide each year, or about one person every 16.6 minutes
  • Almost 5 times as many suicides occur each year as deaths from HIV/AIDS

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