Person Centered Planning (PCP)

What is PCP?

Person Centered Planning is a process that starts from your first phone call and continues while you are receiving services from Shiawassee County Community Mental Health. The Michigan Mental Health Code requires that as a consumer of mental health services, you have a right to Person Centered Planning.

The PCP process is for you. It can include people you want to help you make a PCP. This plan will be based on your hopes, desires, and outcomes you want for yourself. Your plan will become the road map to guide you and the people who will be supporting you.

What to Expect

Your Service Provider will be meeting with you for a pre-planning meeting. This may be one or several meetings, and will be a time when you will plan for your PCP meeting.

During pre-planning meetings you will talk about different areas of your life and how you would like to spend your day. These conversations will help you highlight your strengths and identify the supports you already have in place. At the end of your pre-planning meeting you can expect to have a framework for your Person Centered Planning meeting.

The more you are able to let your Service Provider know what you want, the more likely the PCP plan will head in the direction you want to go.


When you meet with your service provider, you often share personal information. You can feel safe that what you tell us will be private. As you may know, confidentiality is required by law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be at my PCP meeting?
You may decide who to invite.

What if there is someone I don't want at the meeting?
That person won't be invited. You and your Service Provider can decide if that person will be involved in another way.

Does my Service Provider need to be there?
No. You can talk with your Service Provider about who you want to lead the meeting and who will take notes.

What if there are things I don't want discussed at the meeting?Your Service Provider will ask you about that. Let them know how you want private things handled.

May I run my own meeting? Yes. Absolutely. Let your Service Provider know if you want to be in charge of your meeting.

When will the meeting take place?
At a time that works best for you and the people you want at your meeting. It's your choice.

Where will the meeting be?
That is also your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often will these meetings take place?
You, your Service Provider, and the other people who are supporting you will decide at each meeting when you will meet again. Meetings will be at least once a year, or more often than that, depending on how many changes there are in your life.

Why do I have to go to this meeting?
It is really important for us to know what you want and the kind of services you need to get there. You are the expert on you.

What if I change my mind?
There can be another meeting to look at changing your plan.

What should I expect from this meeting?
You can expect that your Service Provider and other Mental Health staff treat your choices with respect. You can expect that your plan will include supports that help you stay safe and consider your health issues. You can also expect that when your goals are really big changes, they may take a while. Your Service Provider will help you figure out smaller steps you can take to reach your desired outcomes.

What if I want to see the plan?
After the PCP meeting, your Service Provider will write the plan and will review it with you. After the plan is signed, you will get a copy.