Our Mission, Vision, and Values


SCCMHA 50th Logo


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the overall health and quality of life for the community, the families and individuals we serve by inspiring hope, effectively healing trauma, supporting self-determined lives, encouraging recovery in all its forms, promoting prevention, and effectively integrating care.

Our Vision

  • To provide compassionate, trauma informed, recovery oriented, and effective treatment that is responsive to the needs and values of the community and individuals we serve
  • To offer these quality services in a welcoming environment, supportive of the cultures, traditions, and values of our community
  • To ensure these easily accessible services are offered in a timely manner and are comprehensive, and individually tailored to each individual we serve
  • Present as an organization that is valued as a collaborative resource, establishing relationships with individual and community stakeholders, and
  • Who creates comprehensive, innovative, and effective services in partnership with these stakeholders
  • Through these efforts encourages community inclusion by combating stigma, and promoting prevention programs that support total health and quality of life

Our Values

  • Dignity, respect and courtesy for all individuals
  • Upholding the public trust with integrity and accountability
  • Opportunities for individuals to reach their potential
  • Fiscal responsibility, regulatory compliance and efficiency of resources
  • A well-trained and culturally-sensitive workforce
  • The use of Evidence Based Practices