Community Electronic Health Records (CEHR)

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Shiawassee County Community Mental Health Authority (SCCMHA) supports consumer’s access to their SCCMHA electronic health record via the Community Electronic Health Records ('CEHR') website.

CEHR (pronounced 'Share'), provides access to your personal health information along with a wealth of related educational materials. CEHR is a web service that offers a secure, private channel for healthcare consultation communications with your mental health provider, personal medical information storage, healthcare information,and related products, services and content (collectively the 'The CEHR Services').

Once you are authorized for services at SCCMHA or their contracted Outpatient Providers, access to “CEHR” starts with your case holder. Your case holder is the individual responsible for overseeing and implementing your Person Centered Plan. Upon your request, your case holder can start the process to“CEHR” by generating a personalized PIN. This PIN along with your Case Record Number allows you to create your “CEHR” account.